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Make Money

How to Become an Author

When you join Ensto Market as an author, you will receive a percentage of every sell. You start as a regular author and earn 52% of the item’s price per sell. When you reach 50.000€, you earn 55% of item’s price per sell and become elite author. Sometime we have some events, and you earn then directly 55%
Exclusive authors start earning at 62% rate, which can increase up to 73% and then become an pro author. Exclusive authors someday before earning+50.000€ can increase to 70%. How to become an exclusive author look here
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Author Types

Earn 52% after 50.000+55%
You earn: 55% (author fee is 45%)

Earn 62% after 50.000+73%
You earn: 73% (author fee is 27%)

Example Calculator

Item Price:

10 €

10 €
2500 €

Regular Author earning (per 1 sell):

5.2 €

Exclusive Author earning (per 1 sell):

7.3 €